The Battle of Pennsylvania

I think by now you’ve probably come to realize I’m slightly off pretty into beer, sports, and American history. I mean, what like that’s weird? Anyways, this weekend I had the chance to combine all three of those loves and it was AWESOME! A few months ago before this blog was even a thing, my dad got my sister and I tickets to the Coors Light Staidum Series game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers at Heinz Field. If you’re a hockey freak then you know why this is a big deal in and of itself – the two teams have had a heated rivalry for the past 50 years (coincidentally, the exact amount of time both teams have been in exhistence). Fast forward to a few weeks ago, this blog is now a thing, (I think it’s a thing? Some people say they find me humorous at least. And no, not just my mom – thanks mom, love you) and I come to find out that two craft breweries collaborated on a beer meant to celebrate said rivalry. It’s fate people. FATE.

Glove Dropper pours

Sly Fox Brewing Company, originally founded in Phoenixville, PA (the Philly side of this collab) and Rivertowne Brewing Company, located in Export, PA (therefore the Pittsburgh side) came together to create the aptly named “Glove Dropper Blood Orange IPA.” Clever, right!? As soon as I found this out I knew Rivertowne had to be my first stop upon arrival to Pittsburgh this past weekend, and it was. On the unseasonably warm Friday afternoon, my sister and I grabbed two stools in Rivertowne’s garage-style tap room and ordered up a round of Glove Droppers. The somewhat hazy pour smelled nice and citrus-y as I took my first sip. It was pretty much what I expected it to be – a mildly hoppy IPA, with a nice little kick of orange to it. It was very drinkable, and after we finished our beers we grabbed a six pack to take to the tailgate the next day.

It’s gonna be a knockout

When we got to Heinz Field Saturday afternoon, we tore right into the Glove Droppers again. The cans illustrations made quite an impression on our neighbors, so much so that the enemy Flyers fans put aside their distaste of our head-to-toe black and gold to come over and inquire about what we were drinking. I even shared! Miracles and hockey – also a thing (please get the reference). They seemed as equally geeked out as I was initially, and then we all went on our merry ways. Well, my sister and I did at least since duh, the Flyers lost (anddd we’re back).

Smells like Team Spirit

All in all it was a blast of a weekend. I got a Penguin’s win, and was able to cross technically two craft breweries off of my bucket list. And I love to be able to highlight Pennsylvania beer! If you’re a Penguins or Flyers fan I especially recommend grabbing some cans of Glove Dropper to commemorate the game (Flyers fans, I heard they’re pretty good for crying into as well – sorry, had to). But even those of you non-hockey worshippers who simply love a good beer, check out Sly Fox and Rivertowne the next time you’re in search of one! And Let’s Go Pens!


Rivertowne Brewing Company
5578 Old William Penn Hwy
Export, PA 15632

Sly Fox Brewing Company
520 Kimberton Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460


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