Kiss me, I’m drunk

Saint Patrick’s Day is just about here, and beer companies and breweries everywhere are already revving up for the brew-heavy holiday. While the day is meant to remember St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland who died on March 17th, somewhere along the line it’s pretty much turned into an excuse to drink a lot of (probably green) beer, wear obnoxious amounts of hideous green things, and proclaim to the world that you’re .0000001% Irish for the day. Coincidentally, I had the opportunity last night to visit an infamous Irish Pub here in Manhattan for a friend’s birthday celebration, and while it is technically a pub, it’s a pretty divey one – in the best way of course – so here we are!

Paddy Reilly’s, on 29th and 2nd, goes back to 1986 and has since then always been driven to bring great live music to it’s patrons. Every single night you can find Bluegrass, “Irish Seisúns,” and Celtic Rock bands, as well as a few open mic nights. The owner, Steve Duggan, has also put in a lot of time and effort to give guests the most authentic Irish Pub experience possible. He even went as far as to bring in the flooring from an Irish hotel. But the fact that 4 of the 8 taps in front of me were Guinness probably says it all.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Paddy Reilly’s does not mess around with their Guinness

You’ll find the stage in the back corner of the front room of the bar. Just beyond it is the back room that contains a pool table as well as some extra seating – a great place to stash your party (and coats) if that’s what you’re there for. Make sure you wear your dancin’ shoes because once the band gets going to the people get…jigging? The crowd was stomping and the beers were a flowing last night, for sure. And well priced too! Beers ran $5-7 bucks at non-happy hour pricing and well drinks about $8 ($20 card minimums). Pretty good for Midtown!

If you’re looking to get in touch with your “Irish roots,” pre-St. Patrick’s day mayhem, I’d get on over to Paddy Reilly’s, take in some authentic Irish tunes, and wash it down with a nice cold Guinness. You won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a lass in a “Kiss me I’m Irish” shirt come the 17th.


Paddy Reilly’s
519 2nd Avenue
New York, New York
(212) 686-1210


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