New York State of Mind

My Blog probably wouldn’t be possible (it would be really difficult anyways) if it wasn’t for the fact that I live here in NYC. You can turn down just about any street and find a dive bar somewhere. And we’re also blessed with a ton of awesome craft breweries located throughout the five boroughs as well as upstate, out on Long Island, etc. Since today happens to mark the end of NYC Beer Week 2017, I’d like to use this Craft Chronicle post to highlight some of the experiences I’ve had throughout!

Unfortunately, I missed the opening kick-off celebrations since I was in Pittsburgh last weekend exploring some of the dives and craft beer that city had to offer. But upon my return to the city that never sleeps, I hit the ground running with the next best event the week had to provide – the Brewer’s Choice. Brewer’s Choice 2017 took place at Long Island University, in Brooklyn (yes, you read that right – I was confused too) on Wednesday, March 1st. The event brings together over 20 different breweries who call New York home (and a few special guests), as well as some amazing locally sourced restaurants and food to celebrate craft beer in our great State. It’s also the longest running NYC Beer Week event, this being it’s seventh year!

Walking into the old Paramount Theater on the LIU Food Science Academy’s campus, I was almost overwhelmed by where to start! There was a nice sized crowd, but not so much so that you had to wait more than a minute or two to grab your next brew or snack. I took my Beer Menus taster glass and went in search of my first beer. I was trying to take advantage of having so many great breweries all in one room, and made it a point to try mostly beers from breweries I hadn’t yet tasted.

What Did Kay Drink?

  1. Transmitter Brewing – S1 Mahogany Saison
  2. Threes Brewing – Eternal Return: Apricot
  3. Alpine Beer Company – Windows Up
    • Note: Not a NY Based Brewery – Alpine was a special guest
  4. Brooklyn Brewery – Cloaking Device
  5. Decadent Ales – Cinnamon French Toast
  6. Peekskill Brewery – Good Morning America
  7. Empire Brewing Company – Particle City
  8. Grimm Artisanal Ales – Neon Lights
  9. Sixpoint Brewery – NYC SMaSH Ale (2017)

What Did Kay Think?

I honestly loved just about everything I tried. We all know my issues with smiling in public Sours, Saisons, etc., so I wasn’t the biggest fan of S1 Mahogany or the Neon Lights, but I actually really enjoyed the Eternal Return: Apricot! Maybe there’s hope for me yet! My top three favorites of the night were the Particle City, Good Morning America, and even though it’s not from New York, Windows Up was absolutely fantastic. I’d like to note that the Cinnamon French Toast was a delightful surprise as well. I was nervous from the name that the beer would be too sweet, but it had just the slightest hint of cinnamon and was actually very drinkable and pleasant.

My only challenge of the night was finding snacks that I could actually eat. March 1st happened to be Ash Wednesday, and as a Catholic it was difficult to satiate the appetite I had worked up when most of the food choices were meat based. I had an embarrassing amount more than one of Sigmund’s Pretzels, a few freshly shucked raw oysters, and about a mountain and a half of gourmet cheese, which were all very yummy, but I was still hungry. I do hope that is taken into consideration for next year’s food procurement if they pick the same week. I would imagine any vegetarian would have the same struggles, especially since the event took place during prime dinner hours.

When your beer friends photo-bomb you mid shoot…
All in all the night was a lot of fun. I caught up with some of my industry friends, (can you believe I have those now!?) got to taste a ton of great beer, and stuffed my face nibbled on some tasty treats. If you didn’t get to visit Brewer’s Choice yourself this year, I highly recommend following @nycbrewers on Instagram so that you can stay up-to-date on all things NYC Beer Week, and secure yourself some tickets to the all-inclusive night! NYC Beer Week 2017 was a blast, and I’m so excited to see how far this blog, my taste in beer, and the friends I’ve made in just this short time have grown come 2018!


New York City Beer Week

Brewers Choice



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