You’re one in a Melon!

I like puns. I don’t really know why I find them particularly hilarious, I just do. I also like things that are trendy, and this summer the hottest thing to light up the beer scene is also summer’s go-to fruit; Watermelons! Last summer I dabbled with a watermelon beer here or there, but I was really still on the peach beer train. This summer, however, I have fully invested in the sweet mix of melon and brew – and if you haven’t yet, you should too! (before summer disappears right before our eyes!) And don’t worry, I’m here to help (per usual) with a nifty list of a few of my favorites! (You’re welcome.)

  1. Hell or High Watermelon – 21st Amendment Brewery
    This American wheat beer is my absolute favorite out of all the watermelon beers I’ve tried thus far. To me it’s the perfect amount of sweet, juicy watermelon, without being too overly sweet at the end. The flavor is right up front, not an after thought, and I like that.
  2. Juicy Watermelon – New Belgium
    In my opinion this watermelon lime ale has a great balance of taste and refreshment. I don’t get overwhelmed by the watermelon’s both natural and artificial taste, but it’s most certainly there. You get a nice fruity taste with the same level of thirst quenchability you expect from a lighter beer.
  3. Watermelon Session Ale – Montauk Brewing Company
    Last, but certainly not least on my list, is my go-to beach bring-a-long. It’s just not summer without a brew from Montauk Brewing Company, and this one nails in on the head. At 4.9% ABV this easily crushable beer can be sipped all day long and gives you just a slight hint of watermelon that’s sure to not overwhelm your taste buds.

With Labor Day Weekend rapidly approaching, make sure you stock up on these seasonal delights before they’re gone! I really enjoyed trying each breweries take on infusing the summertime staple that is watermelon into each of their different base beer styles. Have you tried any other watermelon beers you’re head over heels for? Let me know in the comments below! And if no one’s told you recently; you’re one in a Melon, and your beer should be too!



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