Cold Beer, Here!

It was May 12th and I really could have used a pair of gloves, or at least an industrial strength koozie to keep my hands from freezing a bit less to my tasting glass. But I pushed on because, well, beer. Because beer. The Five Boro Craft Beer Fest kicked off at 6:30 pm that night and for the next 4 hours was a rockin’ celebration of the best beer to be found within the five boroughs that make up our New York City.

I always like to take full advantage of the craft beer fests I get to visit, and make it a point to try beers from breweries I’ve never been to, or at least new brews from the guys I do already know and love. I began my night in my now typical fest fashion by making a quick lap of the outdoor space at The Well, the host venue for the evening. I spotted my first target towards the back of the yard, and proceeded to have my tasting glass filled with Wartega Brewery’s Floridian.

Now that securing my first beer was out of the way, I started to make my way over to the food station in search of some dinner. I could smell the barbecue the minute I stepped into the space that night, and by this point was now starving. I loaded my plate up with pulled pork, corn bread, and cole slaw and then found a spot to devour enjoy my spread in peace.

After woofing down dining on some of the best comfort food I’ve tasted in a while, it was back to business. Time for more beer!

What did Kay drink?

  1. Wartega Brewery – Floridian Hoppy Ale
  2. Finback Brewery – Chromoscope IPA
  3. The Bronx Brewery – Bronx Summer Pale Ale*
    • I made an oopsie and forgot to get a picture of the tap sign for this beer. I swore it was called Lemon Peel (that’s what I wrote down in my notes on my phone) but after numerous interweb searches I can’t find a single beer made by them with Lemon Peel as the name. Their summer seasonal definitely is brewed with lemon peel, so this is what I’m going with.
  4. Lineup Brewing – I Bet You Think This Beer Is About You IPA

What did Kay think?

So this tasting list might look pretty wimpy compared to the lists on some of my other craft beer fest write-ups (see here and here), and I’m okay with that. For starters, the tasting glasses at this event were BIG. Not the little shot glasses you get from some of them. This glass allowed you a solid pour from each brewery you tried, and four of those in tiny me was about all I could take in! The other factor was that I was just plain freezing. I thought I planned ahead with a light jacket, but the unseasonably chilly weather was simply more than I bargained for that night.

My favorite beer of the evening was probably the Floridian. I have been wanting to get to Brooklyn’s newest brewery since it opened this past March, so I was really excited to see them represented at the Five Boro Craft Beer Fest. The beer is both hoppy and fruity, which made it really interesting to me. I love my beer to be hoppy, and have been playing more and more in the realm of fruit beers. This has a good combination of both, while not seeming overpowered by either. I look forward to visiting their brewery this summer sometime and getting to try more of their brews!

Despite the cold, I had a wonderful time at the Five Boro Craft Beer Fest! The live music provided a really fun atmosphere in contrast to most festivals I’ve been to before. The food was also excellent, complimentary to the beer and the environment, and helped make the whole experience that much more enjoyable! The beer it seems can never do wrong, and these guys hit the nail on the head with the breweries they procured for their event. If you’ve never been to the Five Boro Craft Beer Fest before, I suggest you bookmark their site (info below) to stay up to date on next year’s event! Hope to see you there!


Five Boro Craft Beer Fest


2 thoughts on “Cold Beer, Here!

  1. Craft Beer Joe

    Another great write up! I got to try Finback Visible Spectrum recently and loved it. Glad to see that they are representing at beer festivals too. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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