Spring (Seasonals) has Sprung

150 beers is a lot for one girl to drink, but I was determined to make some sort of dent in the offering at the NYC Craft Beer Fest – Spring Seasonals during the weekend of March 25th. The kind folks there set me up with a VIP ticket that allowed me entry an hour earlier than the rest of the ticket holders. During that first hour I wandered around like a lost puppy scoped out the breweries present to formulate a plan of attack. For the weekend focused on spring seasonals, breweries both near and far traveled to the Metropolitan Pavilion in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan to show off their best crafts.

What’s a craft beer fest without a Bavarian?

What did Kay drink?

  1. Blue Point Brewing Company – Prop Stopper IPA
  2. Clemson Bros. Brewery – Tower 22 2XIPA
  3. Threes Brewing – I Hate Myself IPA
  4. Kings County Brewers Collective – Full Contact Sour
  5. Clown Shoes – Clementine Witbier
  6. Coney Island Brewery – NY Honey Stout
  7. Breckenridge Brewery – Mango Mosaic Pale Ale
  8. Goose Island Beer Co. – Bourbon County Brand Stout
  9. Carton Brewing Company – HopPun Pale Ale
  10. Knee Deep Brewing Company – Stoutella (Stout…if you couldn’t figure it out)
  11. Half Acre Beer Company – Daisy Cutter Pale Ale
  12. Alphabet City Brewing Company – Alpha Male IPA (don’t get this confused with ABC Beer Co – thats a craft beer bar/bottle shop NOT the brewery)
  13. Owl’s Brew Radler – Wicked Watermelon
  14. The Matt Brewing Company (Saranac) – Saranac S’more Porter
  15. Narragansett Brewing Company – Del’s Shandy

What did Kay think?

So 15 out of 150 – 10% isn’t too shabby, right? Right. I tried quite a wide variety of beers that day, making a conscious effort to go for the ones that I had not yet previously tasted. I succeeded in this for the most part except for Saranac’s S’more Porter, I just love that beer so much, so when I saw the stand out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t resist! The most stand out of the day was probably the Owl’s Brew Radler Wicked Watermelon. Owl’s Brew started with craft cocktail mixes and has now expanded their product offering to beer thats brewed with tea. The Wicked Watermelon is a wheat beer brewed with organic white tea plus watermelon and pomegranate juices. It was really refreshing and easy to drink with a low ABV of only 3.8% – perfect for sunny day drinking while grilling, or at the beach.

My favorite of the day was probably the Coney Island NY Honey Stout. This limited release brew had a nice chocolatey, carmel-y flavor balanced out with some subtle honey notes. It wasn’t the least bit overwhelming and really enjoyable to drink. I’d like to get my hands on a six pack to have at home! My last beer of mention was one I had been dying to try – the Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout. In last week’s post I mentioned that it was unfortunately not available at the taproom during my visit, but luckily their reps had it on hand in Manhattan that day! The thick, dark liquid filled my tasting glass and I immediately took a sip. WHOA. It was a good thing it was just a tasting glass because that stuff is strong. You could taste the 13.8% ABV at the end of each swallow. I really liked the bourbon-smelling brew with it’s coffee and vanilla flavors, but it’s definitely something that would need to be a “special occasion” beer for me. Half a glass and I’d probably be done for! But I was so glad I finally got to taste their award winning beer.

With just a few craft beer festivals under my belt now I’m slowly but surely learning more and more about the beers, the industry in general, and most importantly the people of the craft beer community. These festivals are always a great way to explore your beer tastes as well as get out there and meet some really interesting people. I definitely made a new friend or two of which I can’t wait to visit at their respective breweries in the near future! NYC Craft Beer Fest did a great job of bringing everyone together for a fun beer-filled weekend – if you get a chance to make it to one of their upcoming events come say Hi; I’m sure I’ll be wandering around there somewhere!


NYC Craft Beer Fest
Keep checking back for info on their upcoming events!


6 thoughts on “Spring (Seasonals) has Sprung

  1. Craft Beer Joe

    Glad you go to try BCBS. I have a few of them that I plan on drinking at a share this weekend. It’s great but so strong. A festival is a perfect place to try it.

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