People of Dives

Admit it. You’ve done it. You’re either mindlessly scrolling through your phone, or dead-eye in front of your desktop. Image after image of people who probably shouldn’t be in public wearing leggings in general, let alone skin-tone ones in which you’re not totally sure they’re even wearing pants (yikes). The craziest mullets you’ve ever seen. Head-to-toe camo emblazoned outfits when it’s no where near hunting season. I’m talking about the People of Walmart website. It HILARIOUS. God Bless Walmart.

Anyways, sometimes I think I should start a People of Dives website because it would damn sure be just as entertaining if not more, since alcohol is involved, and this time legally. Last night I strolled into a bar of many names. Some call it Horseshoe Bar, others refer to it as 7B, and then there’s those who know it as Vazac’s, the catering hall it replaced upon opening. I know it as a Dive, plain and simple, and a pretty awesome one at that. Located on an infamous stretch of Avenue B boasting ample amounts of Dives, I definitely recommend heading to the area of Alphabet City if you’re in search of some authentic watering holes.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
The iconic red doors and brick exterior of Horseshoe Bar

I guess, by now, I should be used to the looks I get from regulars when I walk into said dives with my friends. Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we did brush our hair and teeth that day, so we’ve got a leg up on most. But Jesus, no i’m not lost, I’m just a small town girl livin’ in lonelyyyyy worlddddd…sorry, sorry, I’m back. Where were we? Right. So after sitting down and waiting for the bartender to stop yelling at the girl trying to plug her iPhone into the TV/cable macgyvered outlet setup, we ordered our first beers. For a Dive, Horseshoe bar has a great beer selection which is why it’s up there on my list of the best. I got to work on my Long Trail Green Blaze IPA, and began to take in the likes of the patrons surrounding me.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Bar setup

There were small groups and solo artists. Young, and decrepit old. Those throwing money caution to the wind and ordering round after round for their friends, and a few who looked like they’ve had a rough year, it being only February. Some were dressed up, just coming from the office, and others appeared to have gotten dressed in the dark. But it seemed that everyone had one thing in common; they were all having a pretty darn good time. The beers were cheap, the jukebox was playing, and no one seemed to care about much else. So while our different outfits, hair styles, choice in spirits, etc. may sometimes seem laughable, and a source of entertainment, it’s also humbling to know that there’s still places where all walks of life can come together and enjoy the same things.

So I don’t think I’ll be creating that website after all. The best kept secrets are the ones you discover yourself, in person. So take my word for it; get out there and discover those dives, and those people, and hear their stories before judging the book by the cover.


Bar Note:
7B Horseshoe Bar (aka Vazac’s)
108 Ave. B
New York, NY 10009



8 thoughts on “People of Dives

  1. Craft Beer Joe

    The greatest bars are the ones that allow any and all to feel comfortable. I think that is why dive bars are so great – they are inclusive of anyone that is willing to give them a chance.

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  2. Some of my favorite bars are dive bars, but one stands out the most: Rudy’s Bar & Grill. It was great! The beer was dirt cheap, like $2-3 each. Being in Manhattan, that’s absurd. The best part though was that you got a free hot dog with every beer purchase. Was it the best? Absolutely not. But I was drinking a ton of beer and having a great time so I didn’t care.

    I don’t remember what the beer selection was, but I don’t think it was very good. I believe the only thing kind of worth it on the menu was Guinness. But a great place nonetheless.

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