The New Girl

So you’ve happened upon my blog. Apologies, or congratulations, or something.

I’m Kay, and I guess I should start with why I even wanted to create this thing in the first place. It’s really pretty simple: I like beer. I like beer, and I like cozy dive bars where people mostly leave me the heck alone, unless I showed up with them, in which case they’re probably hopefully my friend and I don’t mind them speaking to me, occasionally.

I’ve lived in New York City for about four years now and I’ve created quite a collection of my favorite haunts, and amber lagers. However, I wanted to create something that forces me to explore even more, as I can be quite a creature of habit.

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, I grew up where people take their time, and strangers wave hello as they pass you on two-lane back-roads. Being Daddy’s little Tom Boy is probably where my love of beer begins. The man, the myth, the legend that is my father has always had strong opinions on his likes and dislikes when it came to brew, among other things. So do I – but I’m learning to expand my mind palate.

Attending college at Penn State definitely lent a hand in my gravitation to dive bars. At the time we had one “club” – if you can even call it that. Dives became my home base to watch sports, shoot the shit, and flirt with be very awkward with the opposite sex. Not much has changed…

Today, like I mentioned, I reside in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A self-proclaimed beer connoisseur (I just throw what I know folks, don’t take me too seriously; Lord knows I don’t) trying to make sense of this island day after day.

Thanks for joining me as I post about my new favorite dive bars and craft beers, the experiences had, and the friendships made along the way. I cannot promise there will not be an occasional puppy thrown in there. Those things are pretty darn cute.

Enjoy the ride!


Photo Note: This picture was taken on the eve of my 25th birthday. One of my favorites, spent of course at my most cherished dive, The Donnybrook. The beer is Shiner’s Birthday Beer (106 – Chocolate Stout).


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